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Trim Cutting information and lead times:   (This only applies to alum trim, not to dry-erase rolls)

           Rack marks (caused by anodizing process) will no longer be trimmed before shipping unless requested. In which case customer will be charged for 2 cuts.

           cut to size is available for $4.00 per cut, customer pays for full length and receives drop. (except rack mark drops).

24 to 48 hours for stock lengths

4 day lead time for cut to size

                     out of stock material produced and shipped within 40 days 

Shipping information:

           maximum length for ups shipment is 80.

           packaging surcharge has been discontinued.

Product information:

   snap-on trim includes 1 clip per 16.

   snap-on tray includes 1 clip per lineal foot.

   stock lengths of aluminum trim and tray will have rack marks rack marks are more noticeable on black.

   all aluminum trim & tray is stocked and sold in nominal 4'0, 80", and 12'0 lengths only.

   Actual length will be 4 longer to allow field trimming of rack marks.

   PLEASE NOTE: Black trays are painted Black they are not anodized.

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