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MarkaWall Vinyl Wallpaper that can be easily cut with scissors.

Installation Instructions

Preparation of Goods: Examine goods to assure that pattern, color, quantity, and quality is as ordered.

Preparation of Chalkboard: MarkaWall can be installed over any properly prepared chalkboard surface. Surfaces to be covered must be clean, smooth, dry, uniform in color, and structurally sound.

If possible, remove the frame from the mounting clips. Removing the frame will allow for rough trimming of the wall covering material under the frame area, thus eliminating any possible trimming flaws. Be careful when removing the frame, as the board might be loose. Wall covering trimming techniques may be used if the frame cannot be removed.

You must use an adhesion promoting acrylic primer.  Any wallpaper store can supply this material.  Below is a recommended primer and adhesive info:


VINYL PREP PRO-909   <= (click for MSDS Sheets)

VINYL PREP is a economical acrylic primer for general purpose applications, such as sound latex paint. It is a better surface preparation than wall size. VINYL PREP can be tinted with a maximum of 4 oz. colorant per gallon. Available in qts., gal, and 5 gallon buckets

Coverage: Approx. 450 sq. ft./gallon

Eliminates sizing
Dries clear
No splatter
Ready to hang in an hour

You must apply a vinyl over vinyl adhesive.  I this is not done there will be moisture that will be trapped under the material.  The water will not be able to go thru the wall or the MarkaWall.  You will begin to see trapped air bubbles after about 24 hours.  Recommended adhesive:

VOV PRO-555    

VOV is the industry's first and favorite vinyl-over-vinyl adhesive. It is a high tack, low moisture adhesive for applying new vinyl wall-covering over existing wall-covering. It applies easily with brush or roller. Available in 1 & 5 gallon buckets.

Coverage: Approx. 160 sq. ft./gal

Maximum wet tack
Eliminates priming/sizing
Excellent slip and open time

Trim material at the frame and tray with a single edged razor blade (change razor blades often) and a straight edge.

Important: If you have any questions about the material, stop working and notify your supplier. We are not responsible for the appearance and performance of wall covering not applied according to these instructions.

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