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MarkaWall Samples
Alliance P3 Samples

Indoff   Ct Branch
7 Twin Oaks Drive
Cromwell, CT 06416
860-632-2028 Fax


Free Samples of MarkaWall and Alliance P3 materials and MarkaBoard

I will send you some 4" x 7" samples of the MarkaWall  and
Alliance P3 materials - small 1" x 3" chips and larger 8 x 12 pcs
   please note if only interested in one style or both

if you send me your name, company, fax, phone and address.     Unfortunately I get so many requests I need to qualify these requests so I need you to authorize me to send it UPS or Federal Express consignee collect.  To do this I need your account # and method of shipping (i.e. next day, 2nd-day, 3-day express saver  or ground (UPS only)etc.).    UPS Ground is the most economical but you have to have a UPS account #.   Federal Express picks up but their 3-day is still $10 to $20.  If you don't have an account with either Federal Express or UPS we can bill it to your credit card thru Federal Express but it will be a minimum of $15 or so for the three day express saver.

Best way to request is by e-mail but faxes are fine also.......use address at top of this page

I only have samples of 

  Series Backing or Gloss Comments  
MarkaRace HB 1/8" High Gloss    
MarkaRace Steel 25 Gauge High Gloss    
MarkaRace Phenolic .060" High Gloss    
MarkaRace FRP  .090" High Gloss    
MarkaSub w/Graphic HB 1/8" High Gloss 7.5" x 9" printed  
JustWall MJR or MJRG series Woven Backing no adhesive back available  
MagWall MMR series Woven backing no adhesive back available  
EraseWall MER & MEA Series Wallpaper Backing
or Self Adhesive
EZWall MZP &MZASeries Wallpaper Backing
or Self-adhesive
NuVuWall NV series Wallpaper Backing no adhesive back available  
Alliance P3 low Gloss 6100L, 6102L, 6102L project able  
Alliance P3 high gloss 6100H, 6101H, 6102H for writing only  


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