Chalkboard Adhesive Backed      Also see Over Slate for Wallpaper backed

Preparation of Goods: Examine goods to assure that pattern, color, quantity, and quality is as ordered.

Preparation of Chalkboard: MarkaWall can be installed over any properly prepared chalkboard surface. Surfaces to be covered must be clean, smooth, dry, uniform in color, and structurally sound.

If possible, remove the frame from the mounting clips. Removing the frame will allow for rough trimming of the wallcovering material under the frame area, thus eliminating any possible trimming flaws. Be careful when removing the frame, as the board might be loose. Wallcovering trimming techniques may be used if the frame cannot be removed.

Do not hang over ballpoint pen ink, wax crayon, ink marker, oil-based stains, or any foreign matter that may bleed through. Surface imperfections (cracks, joints, or chips) should be filled with spackling compound or polyester body filler. Some patching may contrast with the chalkboard surface, showing strong light and dark colored areas. MarkaWall wallcovering may allow show-through due to the limited amount of opacity. Should this occur, it is recommended to use a water barrier primer over the patched area. Tint the primer to closely match the board color. Sand smooth any surface imperfections such as brush marks, as they may telegraph through the dry erase material. Scrape any tape or glue residue from the board surface.

Clean the surface, frames, and sills with a detergent cleaner and rinse with clean water. Remove all particles that may come loose during installation. Small debris will telegraph through the material.

Application of Wallcovering: The material should be mounted horizontally along the chalkboard surface. Use a run of tape above the board or the top of the frame as the level line.

Cut strips 1- 2 longer and wider than the board dimensions to allow for finish trimming around the frame and tray.

To remove air and water pockets , pre-wet the chalkboard with a soap water solution, 1/2 capful of a mild detergent (such as dishwashing liquid), to 2 gallons of clean water. The solution also allows for slip, or movement of the material on the board. Use a pressurized spray bottle, like those found in the garden department of hardware stores, to dampen the board.

For larger runs, two installers are recommended. Pull at least one foot of the backing away from the material prior to sheet contact with the chalkboard. One installer aligns the material to the level line and then uses a flexible wallcovering smoother (wrapped with a soft clean cloth) to remove air and water pockets. Use a downward and outward motion, assuring complete adhesion to the wall. The other installer will pull backing away from the vinyl slowly and evenly as the material installer works closer. Apply more solution to the chalkboard if it appears to be drying.

After the material is completely rolled out, both installers should squeegee, with the wrapped flex smoothers, all air and water pockets from the material. The installers should work from the center using upward, downward, and outward motions.

Trim material at the frame and tray with a single edged razor blade (change razor blades often) and a straight edge. Use extreme care when trimming, so as not to cut into the writing area. Squeegee out as much of the remaining solution from the edges as possible.

Next, wrap a dry, soft, and clean cloth around the flexible wallcovering smoother and tamp down the edges. Change toweling often, this will remove any remaining solution from the edges and push them down tight.

Reinstall the frame to the clips if the pieces were removed prior to installation.

1) Do not allow any contaminates to contact the adhesive prior to installation. Remove any debris from the adhesive with the spray solution or finger.

2) Do not use metal or sharp objects on the surface, as they may damage the material.

3) Be careful not to crease or bend material when handling.

4) Do not puncture air bubbles under the surface.

5) If the strip goes up unevenly, peel it off and reinstall.

Clean up: Rinse thoroughly with clean water and dry with clean toweling.Do not use abrasive cleaners.

Important: If you have any questions about the material, stop working and notify your supplier. We are not responsible for the appearance and performance of wallcovering not applied according to these instructions.


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