Care and Maintenance Instructions:

BEFORE USING YOUR NEW SURFACE FOR THE FIRST TIME, clean surface thoroughly with a non-abrasive household cleaner, (i.e. Windex, Fantastic, etc.). Once cleaned, completely rinse surface with water.

Important maintenance for MarkaWall surfaces:

1. Use MarkaWall Dry Erase markers for optimal results. Sanford Expo markers are acceptable.
BIG Note==> Sanford makes both Low-odor and Standard Expo markers... the Low odor ones will not erase well and we strongly suggest starting your board use with the MRSK-1 Starter kit which will allow your product to perform to its full potential
2. Remove dry-erase markings with MarkaWall felt eraser for longer lasting surface effectiveness. If using the NuVuWall surface, be sure to use the bristle eraser for best results. Normal felt eraser do not reach deep enough into the bi-directional lenticular surface. for NuVuWall order the MNVSK Starter Kit 
3. Press firmly when erasing, using a circular motion. Change erasers, as they become dirty. Dirty erasers leave excess ink on the surface.
4. For daily cleaning, or as needed, rinse the surface with water. This may be done with a soft cloth or sponge. A soft-headed window wetter works well on large surface areas. Be sure not to let any abrasive edge scrape the surface of the MarkaWall material.
5. Remove marks that are left on the surface with MarkaWall Dry Erase Cleaner. Once the material is cleaned, rinse the surface with water.


Do not use ball point pens or other sharp pointed writing instruments on the MarkaWall surface.
Do not use an abrasive cleaner on the MarkaWall surface. (i.e. Comet, Soft Scrub, etc.)
Difficulty erasing may be the result of a residue build-up from cleaners. For best results, rinse surfaces thoroughly with water after every cleaning.
Permanent markings may be removed with alcohol or by writing over the markings with a dry erase marker.
Other markings may be removed with MarkaWall Cleaner. An ammonia or alcohol based cleaner may also be used. Once cleaned, completely rinse surface with water.
Do not use low odor markers on any MarkaWall surface.

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