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One Page Price info sheet on Colored Cork

         Tac-A-Cork Specifications below





A.       Section Includes:  Resilient cork/linoleum tackable wallcovering. 

Edit items not included in this project.

 B.                 Related Sections/Items

1.                   Primer/sealer application on gypsum board substrate, refer to Section 09900.

2.                   Sheet vinyl wall covering, refer to Section 09950

3.                   Markerboards and tackboards, refer to Division 10

1.02             SUBMITTALS

A.                 Comply with Section 01330.

B.                 Product data indicating compliance with specified requirements.

C.                 Installation Instructions

D.                 Samples:  6-inch by 9-inch (150 x 225 mm) samples of each type of tackable wallcovering

   material required.

1.03              QUALITY ASSURANCE

A.                 Fire performance Characteristics:  Comply with fire performance characteristics indicated below.

Identify components with markings from testing and inspection organization.

1.                   ASTM E-84 (Fuel contribution) – Class B

2.                   NFPA253 (Critical Radiant Flux) – Class II

B.                 Single Source Responsibility:  Obtain tackable wallcovering system components from a single source.

Delete paragraphs C and D below if Division 1 requirements satisfy project requirements.               

C.                 Deliver materials in original factory wrappings and containers, clearly labeled with manufacturer, brand name, and fire hazard classification.

D.                 Store materials in original, undamaged packages and containers inside a well-ventilated area protected from weather, moisture, soiling, extreme temperatures, and humidity.

Maintain room temperature within the storage area at not less than 70° F (21° C) during the period materials are stored.

E.                 Mock-ups:  Prepare mock-ups for Architect’s review and to establish requirements for seaming and finish trim.

1.                   Correct areas, modify method of application/installation, or adjust finish texture as directed by Architect to comply with specified requirements.

2.                   Maintain mock-ups accessible to serve as a standard of quality for this Section.

3.                   Install sample panel of each type of wallcovering specified.

4.                   Install panels in areas designated by Architect.

 1.04            PROJECT CONDITIONS

Maintain ambient temperature within the building at not less than 68° F (20° C) for a

minimum of 72 hours prior to beginning of installation.

1.              Do not install tackable wallcovering until the space is enclosed and weatherproof.

2.              Do not install tackable wallcovering until temperature is stabilized and permanent lighting is in place.             

1.05            MAINTENANCE

A.                 Maintenance Instructions:  Include precautions against cleaning materials and methods that may be detrimental to finishes and performance.

B.                 Extra Materials:  Deliver to Owner extra materials from same production run as installed products. Package with protective materials. 

1.06             WARRANTY

                        Submit manufacturer's limited five-year written warranty against manufacturing defects. 


 2.01            PRODUCTS 

Tac-S-Cork  Linoleum, resilient, tackable, surface material. Width:  48 or 72 inches. Gauge:  1/8 or ¼ inch.

± 90 lineal foot rolls. Minimum corner bend 2 – ¾ inches. Dimensionally stable due to burlap backing. Color choices are limited in 1/8-inch product.

Tac-A-Cork  Uni-color, linoleum resilient homogeneous tackable surface consisting of linseed oil, granulated cork, rosin binders and dry pigments calendared onto natural burlap backing. Color shall extend through thickness of material.

 2.02            ACCESSORIES

Adhesive:  Solvent-free, SBR type linoleum adhesive  L-910 or polyvinyl acetate dispersion type (contact adhesive) when used in press.           


3.01            EXAMINATION
Examine areas and conditions in which tackable wallcoverings will be installed.

1.              Complete finishing operations, including painting, before beginning installation of tackable wallcovering materials.

2.              Wall surfaces to receive wallcovering materials shall be dry and free from dirt, grease, loose paint, and scale.

3.              Do not proceed with installations until satisfactory conditions have been corrected.

 3.02              PREPARATION

A.         Surface Preparation:  Remove hardware, accessories, plates and similar items to allow tackable wallcovering to be installed.

1.       Plaster surface:  Remove surface chalk. In new work, use moisture meter to determine moisture content. Do not begin installation when moisture content is greater than five percent.

2.       Gypsum board surface:  Recess nails and screws. Repair irregular tape joints, sand and remove dust.

3.       Painted surface:  Remove loose paint or scale. Sand surface of enamel or gloss paint and rinse with clear water.

4.       Ensure gypsum wallboard surfaces scheduled to receive wallcovering are properly primed under Section 09900.

B.                 Prime substrate as recommended by manufacturer.    

3.03              APPLICATION  

A.                 Comply with manufacturer’s printed installation instructions.

B.                 Apply adhesive with 1/16-inch trowel to area to receive sheet.

C.                 Work from top to bottom then side to side. Roll sheet firmly into adhesive for positive contact and to remove air bubbles.

D.                 Remove adhesive residue immediately.

E.                 Scribe, cut, and fit material to butt tightly to adjacent surfaces, built-in casework, and permanent fixtures and pipes.

F.                  Lap and double cut seams. 

Joints may be butted, V-grooved, spaced with reveal or joined with decorative T-mold.

G.                 Butt joint.

 3.04              CLEANING

A.             Clean wallcovering using a sponge with a neutral pH cleaning solution. Do not use      abrasive cleaners. Rinse thoroughly with water and let dry before using.

B.             Remove excess adhesive using methods and materials recommended by manufacturer.

 3.05              PROTECTION
Protect installed product and finish surfaces from damage during construction.


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