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MagWall II


Attracts an Audience for Your Customized Presentation!

A high-quality, moderate-gloss dry erase marker surface that also attracts magnets for customized, creative presentations. Unique ferrous powdered vinyl allows the surface to remain flexible, yet permits the use of magnetic lettering and graphics and offers the user the opportunity to hang posters and charts. Dry erase top film offers excellent readability and erasability. Available in white (magwall II).*

Moderate Surface Gloss in White

 48" wide is the only roll width available  

weight is 39.4 oz per yd3 or 1.14 lbs per running ft or 4.4 OZ per square ft

Note Magwall has been discontinued there is only MagWall II now

Full Specification Sheet


This is not a magnetic backed material.  This material is magnetically receptive.  This material will hold small  magnets and a few sheets of paper.  If you need to hold magnets and paper you need to order the P3 or LCS material.  This product has minimal magnetic properties

LCS                                                           P3            See new low lower cost at VS brand

Pricing And Stock Information Below - Most orders ship within 24 hours
Product Backing Pricing  Shipping
MM248-00 woven Scrim $47.30  lf     6/01/2014 UPS     Current price
Cutting Charge Minimum Cut Charge is $16.00
Available in linear foot cuts - Standard Roll Size Is 48" x 75'
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