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What about Painting a dry erase wall Where can I buy Dry Erase Paint ??


Can I get the goods from a local distributor?
In general no.  Most of the items we sell are more of specialty items that is why they are not at Staples and Office Max and are only stocked in regional warehouses.  Indoff's CT sales office sells nationwide and ships directly from the factory or the manufacturers distribution facility.     These FOB points are located all over the country and we work at getting you the lowest freight charge and fastest delivery.   Some items are UPSable and others must go by truck.

Where is on-line order form ?
We don't have one.  We take PO's, Prepayment and credit cards , we do not ship COD.
See Ordering for info about our credit policy or just print out our order order-form
How Do I get the greasy filmy residue off the board? To start with  we recommend changing the erasers periodically to prevent the dry erase marker film to smear over board surface.  This will make a board difficult to erase.  We recommend standard Expo markers, not low odor or scent.  We recommend Expo cleaner and rinse w/ soapy water to prevent a residue build up.  If you are still experiencing a problem then carefully apply Goof-Off on the surface to clean it.  Follow again by soapy water to get rid of residue.  Goff-Off should not be used all the time just periodically.  This will bring the surface back to its original state.




1.      What is the proper cleaning and maintenance?

When the Markawall material is first installed, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water, and then rinsed with water.  The water should be changed frequently, so it does not get contaminated with adhesive.  The material must be dried with a soft towel before using the surface.  This initial cleaning is important to remove any wallcovering adhesive that may be left on the surface. 

“How often do I need to clean the surface?” is a commonly asked question.  This is somewhat difficult to answer, since this really depends on how often, and how much writing the user is doing.  Some rooms may be used occasionally, which may require weekly or monthly cleanings.  Other rooms may be used daily which may require daily cleanings.  This all depends on the frequency of use.  Basically, when dry erase material is dirty, it should be cleaned, this holds true for all dry erase surfaces. 

It is best to include a starter kit, which contains recommended markers, erasers, spray cleaning fluid, and soft towels, as well as detailed cleaning instructions with each installation.  This will insure that the user has the recommended markers and erasers for the Markawall surfaces.  This will also make sure the material lasts a long time. 

To clean the surface, use the Markawall Dry Erase Cleaner or the Sanford Expo Cleaner.  All cleaners work best if the surface is rinsed with water after cleaning.  The water rinse will remove any residue left behind by the cleaners.  Water, alcohol, or ammonia based cleaners like 409 or Windex may also work to clean the surface.  NEVER USE ABRASIVE CLEANERS OR SCOTCH PADS ON THE Markawall SURFACES.  Rinsing with water will help make sure that the surface is clean and free from residue after cleaning.  Let the surface dry thoroughly after cleaning. 

For stubborn stains, you can use a multi-purpose remover like “Goof-Off”.  If the material has been on the wall for a short period of time and it is not erasing, this is due most likely to dried adhesive remaining on the surface.  The multi-purpose remover will assist in removing the adhesive residue.  Again, make sure the Markawall is rinsed with water after cleaning. 

2.      Which erasers are recommended?

Since nu×vu×wall has a unique embossed surface, most users find that the nu×vu×wall bristle eraser works best.  A circular erasing motion will help get the bristles into the texture and remove the dried marker residue.  NEVER USE A nu×vu×wall BRISTLE ERASER ON ANY OTHER Markawall SURFACE – IT WILL MAR THE SURFACE. 

For all other Markawall products, soft felt erasers are recommended.  These should be discarded, as they become dirty. 

The Sanford Expo eraser is an eraser that does not work well on the nu×vu×wall. The soft bottom on this eraser does not get into the embossing.  When the Expo eraser gets dirty, it also seems to push the ink into the surface.  The hard plastic edges may scratch the surface of the Markawall. 

3.      How often do I need to clean or change my erasers?

The eraser should be cleaned or replaced when it no longer removes all or most of the dry erase writing.  Felt erasers can be cleaned somewhat by wiping them on a cloth or paper towel.  This will remove some of the ink.  Otherwise, they should be replaced as needed. 

The nu×vu×wall  Bristle Eraser can be cleaned with soap and water.  The bristles are made of fiberglass.  Any household or dish detergent will work.  Make sure the erasers are dry before using or they will smear the ink. 

4.      Does the length of time the marker stays on the Markawall affect the erasing?

Yes – Dry erase markers become more difficult to erase over time.  Water and cleaner may be required to remove old markings left on the surface. 

5.      Can you use an abrasive cleaner on any of the products?

No - Even mild abrasive cleaners like Soft Scrub can scratch the surface and are not recommended.  Scotch pads and coarse paper towels should also be avoided. 

6.      Why is a “grease” line left behind when I erase the markers?

Dry erase markers work by leaving a film on the surface that the tint or ink release erases from.  The user is actually seeing the residue from the release agent left on the surface.  This can be removed with clean water & a soft cloth.  This “grease” line may also accumulate dust and dirt on the surface over a period of time.  This is why proper maintenance is important

7.      How long should the Markawall last?

The Markawall surfaces should last the lifetime of the building, if it is properly maintained.  Our oldest project to date is going on 13 years and it is still performing. 

8.      Can you remove permanent marker from the Markawall?

Permanent marker can be removed with cleaner or by writing over it with a dry erase marker and erasing with a felt eraser. 

9.      Can you write across the seams?

Yes – How seams resist ink buildup is dependent on how well the material was installed.  A tight seam may not get any ink in it for years.  Once the ink is in the seam, you do not want to try to scrub it out, since this could ruin the seam.  It will always be a much tighter joint than traditional markerboards, and it will not be as pronounced.


 1.      Is the felt eraser the same one originally made for chalkboards?

Yes – We recommend the use of a felt eraser.  Many new “felt” erasers are actually a polyester blend that do not erase as well as the traditional felt. 

2.      When cleaning with a felt eraser, is there a problem with fiber fragments?

You may see a slight amount of “lint” remaining after erasing.  This usually happens with a new eraser.  If small fibers do come off the eraser, it will not affect the dry erase writing or erasing. 

3.      What type of magnets do you use with mag×wall?

We have heavy-pull (Neodymium Iron Boron) magnets available for purchase.  The typical refrigerator “give away” magnets do not provide enough strength to hold much to the mag×wall.  Some people find that a larger strip (sheet) magnet works well by attaching part of the magnet to the mag×wall, and the rest of the magnet overlapping the paper. 

4.      What markers should you use with our products?



Recommended for nu•vu•wall, erase•wall, mag•wall, just•wall, just•wall grid, and ez•wall


Recommended for koro•wall, design•wall and

koro•wall metallics

 5.      Can you buy erasers somewhere else?

Yes – but like all markers, cleaners, and erasers, using the Markawall brand will provide you with long lasting results.  We recommend the Markawalls bristle eraser for the nu×vu×wall. This eraser is not sold in stores.  

6.      Why do you recommend a starter kit for every room?

This helps get the user off to the right start by using the correct markers, erasers, and cleaner.  

Trim/Tray/Paper Rail

 1.      At what height do you install the marker tray?

Usually it is placed 24” – 36” above the finished floor (AFF) with the most installations at 32” AFF. 

2.      Can you put tray or trim over a seam line?

Yes – this will cover the seam and make the wall look like one solid piece of Markawalls. 

3.      Do you normally install marker tray wall to wall?

This is entirely up to the designer, architect, or facility manager.  Some people prefer to go wall to wall with the tray.  This provides a continuous marker and eraser tray, it catches the ink residue from erasing, and it does not require the use of tray end caps.  Others want just a small ledge to rest markers and erasers.  Not all walls can go wall to wall due to doors, columns, etc. 

With wood marker tray, it is also entirely up to the designer, architect, or facility manager. 

4.      What lengths can you buy trim in?

Aluminum is available in continuous lengths of up to 12’. 

Wood available in continuous lengths of 8’ to 12’. 

5.      What stains are available for the wood trim/tray?

The wood trim and tray are available with three different finishes on red oak or maple.  The finishes are: clear varnish, red oak, and cherry.  Unfinished red oak and maple are available for those wishing to match an existing interior finish.

 6.      How do you install paper rail?

For lengths under 12”, double-sided tape can be used.  For longer lengths, plastic clips are screwed into the wall, and the paper rail snaps onto the clips. 


 1.      What does it mean that nu×vu×wall has a bi-directional lenticular pattern?

It refers to the texture that is embossed into the nu×vu×wall.  There are approximately 100 criss-crossing lines embossed into the surface of the nu×vu×wall material.  The embossing creates a pyramid type shape, deflecting the light into different directions.  

2.      Can you use any removable decals on our material?

Yes – but some of them may leave behind an adhesive residue that will need to be cleaned off. 

3.      What is the expected life of the products?

All Markawall products should last the lifetime of their building structures if properly maintained. 

4.      How do you get rid of the frays on the edges of material?

Gently clip frays with nail clippers or upholstery scissors. 


 1.      What is the average lead-time on the Markawalls?

90% of our orders ship within 24 hours of receipt. 

2.   How are the products shipped?

We ship most orders, including accessories via UPS.  If the UPS package size guideline is exceeded or the customer requests a specific shipper, a different shipping service will be used.  For larger trim and tray orders, we ship via common carrier.Text Box: Rev. 5/01





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