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The MarkaWall product line provides excellent:




  • -wall to wall and floor to ceiling coverage
  • -Resurfacing for existing chalk/marker boards
  • -long seamless writing surfaces
  • -standard or custom whiteboard sizes
  • -installation is easy - Just like Wallpaper

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Accessory Photos 
Adhesive to use
Alternates to Markawall
Care / Maintenance- Gloss - Projection
Cleaning - FAQ's
Clear Film thats dry erase
Color and
Patterns  see all 3 styles
Contact Us
Cork  tackable self healing
Dealers and Installers
Deco-O-Wall - 8 solid colors
Dec-O-Wall Metallic Trendy solid dry erase
Design-Wall  pattern dry erase
DAW50 DryApWall Dry Erase Surface  
DryApPlus -Thin Film w/PSA  Clear
EganWall Now VersaPRO
EraseWall - projection and dry-erase
EZWall - Cost Effective Dry Erase 
FilmWall - very cost effective

Freight Guide 
Installation in General 
Installation of Trim
Installation of Tray 
Installation of J-cap & J-Trim
Installer Info      Actual Installers
Installation of Self Adhesive   
Installation of Wallpaper backed    Installation over chalkboards  

Installation of Presentation tack and tray

Installation Video One   Two  
J-Cap   Aluminum edge trim
Job Pictures of MarkaWall
Justwall - Quality Dry-Erase  writing only
JustWall Grid faint grid on 2" centers
Lines & Grids  

Magnetically Receptive  
MagWall II  Magnetic Dry Erase
Magwall Alternate
MagWall-Lined  Magnetic + lines

Map Rail and Paper Rail 
MarkaBoard-Fantastic Dry-Erase surface
MarkaFlexLowLam rigid alternate - use where bumpy

Marker tray detail drawing
MatteWall 50% Projection 50% writing
NuVuWall - 98% Projectable + 2% Dry Erase
Ordering Instructions & Tips for MarkaWall
Order-form to print, fill-in & fax 
Overview of MarkaWall Line
Price Sheet in PDF form  
ProjectWall  65% Projection 35% writing
Projectable Dry-Erase

Projection Capabilities
Resurfacing with MarkaWall
Return Policy   
Samples -Get samples to test -highly recommended

Specials - Bargains on pieces cut to wrong length  Specs- overview  simple
Specifications sheet  General
Specifications Architect / Bid
Stock Problems  - out of inventory items  

Surfaces to apply to

Removable and Portable  -
Tac-Wall Cork spec sheet
Thickness of styles    

Transcribe - a Complete Line
Trays   Other options on Trays    More Trays
Versa 3
VersaPro Replaces EganWall

VisualMagnetics Magnetic Material

VisualMagentics non-Magnetic for Paste
Videos One   Two  

Weights  per linear ft and roll

FAQ's  General and Links to specific FAQ areas
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Indoff Inc. is a distributor based in St. Louis that does over $150,000,000 in sales in office products, office furniture, material handling and promotional products.  Indoff's Ct branch specializes in Whiteboard (dry-erase) substrates, finished boards, complete wall systems, custom graphic whiteboards, Forbo Colored Cork, Electronic PC Copyboards and all related products.  
All our products ship directly from the our  manufacturers located in various parts of the country. 
We sell to end users, Schools, Government and a wide range of resellers and OEMS.  
Please call for large order pricing and dealer and OEM discounts. 
We pride ourselves as being experts and want to help you get the best product from our wide range of manufacturers.
To see everything we sell go to my main website at www.ahutton.com

Contact Information
We are in CT only Samples ship from CT.  MarkaWall Product all ships from PA.  We do most of our business on the west coast so call us.  We answer the phone at all hours so call at 6 PM from the west coast, you will probably get a live salesperson.