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MarkaWall  presentation wallcoverings offer a full range of options for all of your visual communication needs.

The MarkaWall product line provides excellent:

Product Mix  => EraseWall   JustWall   Magwall  NuVuWall and EZWall

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MarkaWall Installation     MarkaWall Specifications MAT01-1 snap-on trim 


MACT1-01 Trays   or 439

 More Trays     

for Map Rails see Rails

For all options see New Trim

Nu-Vu-Wall Eraser just for this product

Aluminum Marker Tray without End Cap

P/N MACT1-01

Alum Marker Tray Again

Alum marker tray against wall

Marker Tray with end cap

Alum End Cap almost in marker tray

Aluminum Trim sitting on top

Wood Stained marker tray

Wood Tray Dimensions


Paper Rail MAPRI

paper Rail

Plastic End Cap

very nice looking

plastic end cap again


to edge markaWall


to edge MarkaWall

results of self adhesive being pulled on of painted sheetrock


1" wide tack Ral with cork


Presentation Rail


1-3/4" Snap-On Trim

J-Trim for 1/4 cork

J-Trim for 1/4 cork

J-Trim for 1/4 cork

matt-1 **Discontinued**

again matt-1


Presentation Tack tray

MATT-1 **Discontinued**


About the Matt-1 Presentation Tack-Tray sold only in 4'  $27.80, 8'  $55.60,   and 12'   $83.40 lengths - not cut at factory   - note 12' must ship by truck.       Must specify cork colors  for order to proceed. see colors at Colors

end cap set is a METT-1 at $11. per set84

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