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Semi-permanent mounting possibilities


   The factory only recommends permanent mounting but I get many calls from those that want a quality dry-erase that can be moved or at the least is not permanent.   

option 1.  the woven backing on magwall and justwall sits nice and flat without curling.   If you hung it from the top on a flat wall it should sit fine.  The wall however must be flat it cannot be cinderblock.


option 2.  get the least expensive EZwall Adhesive product and apply to poster board or foam-core bought locally.  this combination will be very light and should hold up on walls with adhesive putty.    you could make three 4' by 3' boards, put them next to each other and get a 4' by 12' wall with some small seams.


You are on your own here but if you try this and it works let me know so I can let others know how well this works.

another option in our Markaboard line is

we also have a top quality dry erase surface on 1/8" hardboard Markarace-HB (the stuff clipboards are made of. it is about 1 pound per square foot. we could sell you four 2' by 4' chunks for about $140.00 plus UPS.    These sections of 2' x 4' could also be put up with the removable adhesive putty



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