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Semi-permanent mounting possibilities


EZ-Wall wall paper backed material is .0135"

EZ-wall self adhesive backed material is .0095"

Just-Wall Grid woven backing is .0265"

Just-Wall Woven backing .0230"

Erase-Wall Wallpaper backed is .0195"

Erase-Wall self adhesive backing is .0140"

Mag-wall woven backing is .0250"

Mag-Wall Lite self adhesive backing is .012"

NuVu-Wall wallpaper backing is .0170"

To give you some idea of what equals these thickness we took common office products to show the comparison

1 index card is .0070 thick

2 index cards is .0140 thick

3 index cards is .0210 thick

1 side of a manila folder is .0100  thick

both sides together is .0210 thick

common Post-it Paper .0035 thick

24lb computer paper 3 sheets together .0135 thick

24lb computer paper 4 sheets together .0175 thick

24lb computer paper 5 sheets together .0230 thick

24lb computer paper 6 sheets together .0270 thick

standard business card .0110 thick

another option in our Markaboard line is

we also have a top quality dry erase surface on 1/8" hardboard Markarace-HB (the stuff clipboards are made of. it is about 1 pound per square foot. we could sell you four 2' by 4' chunks for about $140.00 plus UPS.    These sections of 2' x 4' could also be put up with the removable adhesive putty

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