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 NuVuWall by MarkaWalll
The Projection Screen You Can Write On!
Multipurpose presentation wallcovering that combines the features of a high-quality screen with the advantages of a large, seamless writing surface. Engineered with “bi-directional” lenticular embossed vinyl, it provides superior projection, plus wide-angle viewing with virtually no image fall off. Patented Teflon ® top film enables the use of dry-erase markers.  Must be cleaned with bristle eraser.


This material is optimized for projection and is a truly superior surface for projections and light dry erase use.   If your use will involve more than 10% dry erase use you will find that the surface will trap dry-erase marker material and get pretty dirty.   You can eliminate the build up of dirt by using the board as a wet-erase board(use wet rags and plenty of elbow grease to clean it).   If  board is used with the bristle eraser and lots of dirt builds up you can clean it with Goof-Off (available at Wal-Mart) and rinse with clean water.  
Again if projection is critical (large room, brightly lit, etc) and you will be making a small amount of notes and the special eraser and the cleaning are not an issue, go for it.  

In fact unless you are willing to put up with difficult cleaning we recommend you not write on the wall and just use it as a superior projection surface.  If you are looking for normal cleaning and good projection go to EraseWall.   

Samples available to test.   Be sure you want this product- not returnable due to being hard to clean.

OR see VersaPRO

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