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Our Standard Product which comprises 98% of sales is white.  There are 6 white surface types that have varying degrees of project-ability, erase-ability and magnetic receptivity.  The product mix is EraseWall, JustWall, Magwall, Magwall-Lite, NuVuWall and EZWall.

To get familiar with product please look at Specs- overview  simple.  Then open the price page (also print it out before you call us, it makes a very useful 2-page reference). that combines quick descriptions with sizes, pricing, characteristics and type of mounting.

If you want to know about project ability see Overview of Projection Capabilities of MarkaWall.

If you want a product that is not White see colors or designer patterns Colors & Patterns
If you need Lines or Grids on your dry erase surface see Lines & Grids

If you need it magnetic to hold labels and pointers see MagWall or our MagWall-Lined New MagWall-Lite

Click the following for info on our Return PolicyWarranty,   Freight Guide and Weights or Samples

For our Tack able Cork based Wall covering see Tac-a-Cork 

For all other info go back to Home page where there is a full index 

For alternate products see Alternates to MarkaWall

Marker Trays

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Contact Information
We are in CT only Samples ship from CT.  MarkaWall Product all ships from PA.  We do most of our business on the west coast so call us.  We answer the phone at all hours so call at 6 PM from the west coast, you will probably get a live salesperson.   (860)-632-2026